Landlord Guide: A Few Simple Ideas For Happier Lettings


With about one in five of the population living in rented accommodation, the lettings market is overflowing with customers. But that does not mean that landlords can be complacent and assume, the numbers being what they are, that tenants are going to just waltz into their property without any effort.

You want to attract the best kind of tenants, and ensure that they remain so. So here's a few simple ideas to help attract good tenants, and make sure your relationship with them is a happy and harmonious one!

1. Be sure to check your bank account on the day the rent is due. If the money has not been paid on time you ought to be on it faster than light, even if it means having to break the laws of physics. It could well be an honest mistake by the tenant, but the sooner you are able to rectify the situation, the clearer the message will register with the tenant that lateness will not be tolerated.

2. Sometimes a tenant can have a clumsy streak in them, which can sometimes result in a small breakage or two. As long as they haven't put a sledgehammer through a wall or painted the house bright pink, there's no problem. For minor things like breaking the handle off a saucepan or putting their foot through a shelf on a bookcase while precariously attempting to change a light bulb, just take a deep breath and suck it up. Such actions may seem careless and stupid, but nobody is perfect; expecting them to be isn't fair, and can damage relations.

This does not constitute "minor damage"

3. You naturally would like to attract the highest calibre of clientele, so why would you consider using naff photos to market your property? Bring in someone with experience of photographing properties to give it the professional edge that is not lost on the discerning potential tenant. The photos can be used over and over, making them a great investment.

4. There is a very simple and highly effective ploy that is sorely underused by landlords, a plan so cunning that Baldrick himself would have loved to have thought of it. The idea is to win over the gratitude of your new tenant immediately with an unexpected welcoming gift, say a box of chocolates or a bottle of champagne. This makes a strong impression on the new tenant, and will practically guarantee that they will look after the property and pay the rent on time. What more could a landlord ask of a tenant?

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