Leeds Survival Guide - who to tell when you've moved?


Moving is always a bit hectic. Amidst the chaos and confusion of tumbling boxes, missing car keys, and dubious directions, you could easily forget to inform them who need to know where you've gone. Here's our rundown of the top 10 people to tell when you've moved into your new Leeds student property:

1. Tell your Mum! Otherwise how else are they going to send your emergency end of term food parcel!

2. Tell your Doctor, in case you catch one of those nasty. . . you know . . .

3. You know what's an absolute nightmare? When you start buying all kinds of unnecessary necessities on Ebay that your parents would disapprove of, only to realise too late that, rather than arriving at your lovely new Leeds student property, they've been shipped to your old address. Update Paypal!

4. Tell your bank/building society to make sure you receive your statements. Despite severely lacking in awesomeness, you'll find that you're better off in the long run if you keep on top of your finances.

5. Store card. You don't want your hard worked for (seriously, carrying the bags back from the shops to your Leeds student property is tough on the hands!) money-saving coupons going to waste.

6. Don't approve of your new local MP? Well, if you want the power to do something about it then you need to inform the electoral register in order to be eligible to vote.

7. Whether you subscribe to a dirty mag, a tech mag, a music mag, or any other kind of mag, make sure it goes to the right address. You don't want to have to be catching up on out-of-date publications every time you go crawling back home for free food.

8. If you're a member of any sports or social clubs, then it might be nice to let them know you won't be around. How do you think the procrastinator's society are going to feel when their star player fails to show up at the I'll Do It Later championship game because you put off telling them? They'll be livid (when they can be bothered)!

9. Oral hygiene isn't typically high up on any students list of priorities, thus it may be advisable to tell your dentist. Students put all kinds of things in their mouths, and not all of them healthy.

10. The Student Loans Company are pretty sensitive. If they send out any correspondence and don't hear back from you because you haven't notified them that you've moved into new Leeds student property, they could hit the panic button and issue a fine. For all they know you may have fled the country!

Is there anyone we've forgotten? Oh well, if there is then they can't be that important. Now it's time for you to stop reading and make some phone calls. Get to it!

Written by Tom.

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