Top 10 things to remember when choosing next years housemates!


There's a lot to consider when choosing housemates. It would be so much easier to just pick out a bunch of people and be done with it, but that's not something we recommend. So, what do we recommend? Glad you asked! Lo and behold, our top 10 things to consider:

1. Make sure you actually like the people you choose to live with. It sounds obvious, but very often people will accept living with others they don't get on with because they are mates of a mate who they want to live with. Don't settle for something that will ultimately spoil everybody's good time.

2. Are you looking to sleep all day and party all night? Then you'd better make sure you choose to live with some chilled out peeps that aren't going to go nuts when you are crashing around your Leeds student property looking for food at 3am.

3. Imposing hobbies. You've been out all night and crashed hard in the protective cove of your Leeds student accommodation; you just want to sleep. BWAARP! Oh, it turns out your housemate is a studious trumpet player, and you've got a killer headache.

4. Bathroom habits. Some people are bathroom hogs. How they spend so long in the loo is an amusing mystery, but you won't be laughing if you're absolutely bursting and you've got one denying you access to your salvation.

5. Some people are just downright gross. Personality is great and all, but do you really want to be living with someone who is afraid of soap? Although Leeds student houses are rarely well organised and tidy places, you don't want to be crossing that line from student house to toxic waste dump.

6. All the best Leeds student property is sure to go quickly; you need to choose to live you people who are on-the-ball, otherwise you could end up living in a less than ideal area.

7. Musical tastes. Most students love their music. They especially love to play it loud. If you absolutely hate the music your housemates love, you're not going to want to live with them for very long.

8. Gadgets. It's always good to have housemates that provide things that you wouldn't otherwise have access to. Xbox? George Foreman grill? Microwave? Vast DVD collection? You probably shouldn't choose a housemate for your
Leeds student accommodation solely on their gadgetry, although, it is a free way to improve your quality of life.

9. What courses are your housemates doing? Is your Art student housemate going to fill the halls with canvasses and cover everything with paint? Is your Electrical Engineering student housemate going to take your TV apart for fun? Also consider your housemates exam timetables and coursework deadlines. Having assignments due at different times can lead to conflict when one wants to study while the other wants to party.

10. Do you smoke? The mixing of smokers and non-smokers is not impossible so long as ground rules are laid down before the signing of the contract on your Leeds student house.

That just about covers it, I believe. Go now, and choose wisely.

Written by Tom.

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