Your guide to Inclusive Bills for Tenants

1. Energy

2. Water

3. Fair use Policy

4. Telephone

5. Broadband

6. TV Licence

7. Cancellations

8. Billing


How long does it take to transfer?
Electricity usually takes at least 3 weeks for the supply to be transferred.
Gas will take at least 5 weeks.
Ensure you order in Advance.

How often do I read the meters?
You will need to read your meters at the start and end of your contract and a reading will be required every quarter, allowing us to correctly open and close your account.

What if I smell gas or there is a gas leak?
Immediately call the Transco Emergency Team on 0800 111 999

What if there is a prepayment meter?
To use the Inclusive Bills service, the pre-payment meter will need to be replaced. There is a one-off additional charge to replace the meter.

What happens if I receive any bills?
Please send any bills to us, as the existing suppliers may prevent the supply from transferring to our energy supplier, meaning you will not be able to take inclusive bills.

How much gas and electricity can I use?
There are maximum limits on the amount you can spend on energy.
These limits are shown in the 'Fair Usage Policy' below


What do I do if there is a water leak?
If the water leak is on your property, turn off the water at the mains. Then call Let Leeds on 0113 320 2000 to arrange for a plumber to come and fix the problem. If the water leak is outside the boundary of your property, please call Yorkshire Water on 0845 1242424.

How much water can I use?
There are maximum limits on the amount you can spend on energy. These limits are shown in the 'Fair Usage Policy' below


Electricity and Gas
There are maximum limits on the amount you can spend on energy.

The maximum usage allowed per annum is shown below. If the tenancy agreement is less than a year, these figures will apply on a pro-rata basis. If you exceed these limits, Let Leeds (your leeds letting agent) reserves the right to apply a Supplemental Charge to cover the amount by which you exceeded the allowance.

# of Tenants

Annual Allowance for Energy per Premises

















There are maximum limits on the amount you can spend on Water.

The Fair usage policy for Water allowance for 1 to 5 bed houses is 160 cubic meters of water and 160 cubic meters of sewerage per annum. If you exceed these limits, Let Leeds, your Leeds Letting Agent, reserves the right to apply a Supplemental Charge to cover the amount by which you exceeded the allowance.


Do you provide a telephone?
No we only provide the telephone line.

How do I pay for telephone calls?
You will need to call the service provider in your Welcome pack to enable outgoing calls. Calls are paid for on a monthly basis.

Can we get Itemised Bills?
You can see an itemised call list in your online portal of all calls made by your house phone.

Can I add features like Caller ID?
Yes, you will need to call the service provider in your welcome pack.

Do I have to pay a connection charge?
If there is no working telephone line at your property, there may be an additional charge of £125


24Mb Broadband?
The actual bandwidth that you will receive is based on factors such as the length of the wire that connects your premises with the BT exchange and environmental issues which include electrical interference and even sometimes bad weather

What may affect my speeds?
We recommend that you connect your Router to the first phone socket and also with a microfilter, as this will greatly improve the overall connection speeds.

How do I migrate my broadband?
All you need to do is contact your existing broadband provider and obtain a MAC code.

Does an engineer need to visit the house?
We do not send any engineers out to install our broadband service.

Will we need to change the telephone number?
As long as it is a BT telephone number, there will be no need to change your existing telephone number.

Can you provide broadband service over a cable line?
No. Our broadband only works with BT telephone lines.

Anti virus protection?
We recommend that you use AVG AntiVirus which you can download for free for personal use.

What about Security?
The wireless router allows you to use WPA encryption. The Router will be encryption enabled with your name on your wireless network and the password on the bottom of the Router.

What does unlimited mean?
In principal there are no download or upload limits on our Max broadband service but you are subject to our Fair Usage Policy.

What happens if there is a fault?
In the unlikely event that you experience a loss of service caused by us for more than 5 consecutive working days, you will be compensated for each day's disruption. You will need to notify us as soon as the service failure occurs.

How do I set my broadband service up?
Your router will be configured to connect automatically to the Internet. Once you've completed the steps in the welcome pack there should be nothing more for you to do.

Do I have to be home when you deliver the welcome pack?
Yes. If you're not at home when the courier tries to deliver the Router, then it will be delivered to your local Post Office for you to pick up.

Do I buy or lease the Router?
The Router is Leased, meaning it will need to be returned to us at the end of your contract.

If I damage or lose the Router, what happens?
The replacement cost for the standard Router is £60 with Glide. It is a condition of your contract that you return the Glide Router within 28 days of the end of your contract.


Do I need a TV Licence?
Yes. If you've signed a joint tenancy agreement with your housemates, you'll only need one TV Licence. This will to cover all TV sets in your house as well as set-top boxes, video or DVD recorders, desktop, laptop and mobile phones used to watch or record TV programmes.

Do we need another Licence if we have other TVs in Bedrooms?
If you signed a joint tenancy agreement, then no.
If you've signed separate tenancy agreements, (ie) Room shares on your own contract, then Yes,  you will need a TV licence of your own.


Can I cancel my order within 7 days of placing the order?
Yes provided that your contract start date is more than 14 days away, you can cancel your order within 7 days of signing up. If the contract start date is less than 14 days away, you will be unable to cancel as we will have already processed your order.

How do I cancel the Services?
You can cancel your service at any time by giving us 1 month's notice. However if you are within your minimum term of 6 or 12 months you will be liable for any cancellation fees.

How long is the contract?
You get to choose the contract length when you sign up. You can choose from 6 months or 12 months, although this can easily be extended.


How and when will I be billed for the service?
If you have included bills in your rent, you are billed monthly in advance on a payment plan and the billing amount is calculated from the start date of the specific service. For example we will only bill for gas and electricity once the supply has been transferred to our supplier.

If you are Renting a house NOT managed by Let Leeds you can still use the services directly, and we can sign you onto the inclusive bills package separately, in which case you can pay in advance by credit or debit card.

What happens if I don't pay my bill?
If the payment fails we will send you a message via email and text and continue attempting to take the payment. If payment is not made by the 14th of the month, we will charge you a late payment charge of £25 and may suspend your service until full payment is made. If payment is still not made by the end of the month, we will refer your overdue balance to a debt collection agency.

What extra charges would I expect?
We believe in a clear and simple pricing structure to keep our customers happy and satisfied.
Your energy and water usage is offset against your monthly payment plans. If you energy usage is excessive you will be required to pay the difference. For telephone, there may be a BT connection charge of £125 if your house doesn't already have a working BT telephone line.

What happens if one of the tenants leaves the property?
Legally the leaving tenant is still liable for the amount. However the tenants staying at the property can opt to pay the leaving tenant's share until a replacement tenant is found. The replacement tenant can then take over from the leaving tenant.

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