LET INC - All-Inclusive Living

Let Inc Let Leeds All Inclusive Living

LET INC is a brand-new concept from Let Leeds,
providing all-inclusive living to Tenants across Leeds

Life can get busy, so LET INC was created to take all the hassle out of utilities. LET INC is designed to provide your rental property with all of the bills taken care of.

All you do is make one simple payment per month which includes your rent, energy, water, TV licence, contents insurance and broadband.

• LET INC is totally LET INC is totally hassle-free. We'll set up all the utilities for you.

Make budgeting a doddle. Same payment each month.

Save time and stress. LET INC finds the best deals so you don't have to.

It's a no brainer. LET INC handles the bills while you make the most of our brilliant city.

Let Inc Let Leeds All Inclusive Living

What is LET INC?

LET INC provides a range of quality student and professional accommodation across Leeds with all your bills included in one simple monthly payment.

LET INC is available to all young professionals and students, and there are never any fees for Tenants to pay.

Our all-Inclusive package makes budgeting a breeze. There is just one monthly payment for all your bills and rent, saving you valuable time and helping to manage your money more effectively. You know exactly what will be paid each month, so there are no surprises when your bill arrives.

LET INC. No Fees. No fuss.

Why go all-inclusive?

LET INC makes budgeting a doddle. You will have a more consistent cash flow each month, knowing in advance your monthly payment throughout the year, giving you much more control over your personal expenditure.

Rather than huge winter bills when its freezing cold and your boilers on full blast, with LET INC, the monthly payment stays the same.

Save hours and hours of your precious time with LET INC.

Choosing suppliers and setting up bills is not only boring but can take time. LET INC will do it all for you ready for your move in date. Please note, we do need at least 2 weeks' notice from the day you sign your Tenancy to set up the Broadband.

Don't worry about usage! Enjoy unlimited gas and electric on our premium upgrade option.

LET INC will close down your bills at the end of your Tenancy and there are no set up or termination fees. A hassle-free process from start to finish.

More and more Tenants now choosing to rent all inclusive. LET INC provides high quality service alongside quality properties all with the bills already included. Eliminate worrying over organising the bills, with LET INC, you have total peace of mind that all the utility bills are covered throughout the Tenancy.

LET INC Premium

LET INC offers a premium upgrade option for Tenants too, which provides uncapped energy as well as the fastest fibre broadband available, as well as free smart TV, TiVo Box, 260 TV channels with Sky Sports, BT Sports and Sky Movies.

What's Next?

Whether you are a student or a professional looking for a new home, LET INC provides a stress-free renting experience.

Let Inc Let Leeds All Inclusive Living

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