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Searching For Student Houses In Leeds

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The student market operates between the 1st July of each year for 12 months, although some Landlords will allow variations on this such as 10 month contracts, or moving in during September.

Students love house shares and tend to get into groups of 3,4,5 or 6 people to house hunt together. The student market in Leeds fluctuates during the year. The largest rush of student house hunting takes place during December and January where 1000's of students get together in groups formed on courses or from Halls or sports teams to find the best pick of the properties.

As the student properties for the start of the student academic year are released in December, the best houses are often snapped up early. A large majority of the houses with the biggest bedrooms and best locations are reserved in December and January. The prices are at their highest at this time of year due to the huge demand.

February, March and April remain fairly quiet compared to the winter student rush however there are still some good houses to be found and some fantastic offers up for grabs. May and June start to hot up again as the students start to finish their exams and courses and start to think about their property for next year. At this time there are fewer properties available in the most favourable Leeds student locations such as Hyde Park, Woodhouse and Headingley, but there certainly are some great bargains to be had.

July and August is a busy time for groups of young professionals searching for Leeds Accommodation as well as Students wanting Leeds house shares and students that have left it to the last minute.

Student Areas In Leeds

There are many different areas and locations around Leeds, perfect for Students, here's a run-down;

Hyde Park

By far the most popular student location for the hip and happening younger students going into their 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of Uni. The location is fantastic as its close by to the Universities as well as having a good range of student accommodation, some cool shops bars and cafes as well as being close to transport links such as buses along the Otley Road or trains from Burley park train station on Cardigan Road. There is a useful Sainsburys Local in the middle of Hyde Park on Brudenel Road in Hyde park, along with a range of coffee shops, key cutters, video shops etc. Hyde Park property is slightly more expensive than Leeds student houses in nearby areas, and the best property goes quickly so start looking in December and January for the best Hyde Park rental property. There are many letting agents in Hyde Park for students. We will also have a large selection of property to rent in Hyde Park, so check out our property listings on the Let Leeds Student Property Search.


A fantastic place for more mature Leeds students and Leeds Young professionals, a uber-cool place with a massive range of trendy bars, pubs, cafes and restaurants. More popular for students going into their 3rd or 4th year and Leeds Met students due to being a bit further away from the City Centre and close to Becketts Park campus. Headingley has a good range of student accommodation as well as a range of smart 1 and 2 bed apartments for smaller groups. Headingley is good for transport links to Leeds City Centre with buses running all day along the Otley Road, the nearest train station is Headingley Train station, which is further down towards Kirkstall and Burley Park train station on Cardigan Road. There's loads of great shops in Headingley in the Arcade. Headingley is slightly more expensive in terms of rental compared to Burley, Burley Park and Kirkstall, however the room sizes and location make this worthwhile. The best property goes quickly so start looking in December and January for the best Headingley property to rent. There are a number of student letting agents in Headingley. Let Leeds has a great selection of Headingley property, so check out our property listings on the Let Leeds Student Property Search.

Burley And Burley Park

By far the best value for money areas. Maybe a little out the way from Headingley and Hyde Park, but still within easy walking distance of the Universities and Leeds City Centre. Burley is well suited to young professionals, those searching for Leeds rooms and house shares and more mature students who want to live somewhere quieter. Burley really is great for transport links to Leeds City Centre and therefore great for groups of professionals. Burley Park is well situated between the tip of Headingley and Hyde Park so still has the ease of access and proximity to Headingley bars, but also with great priced student living accommodation! Burley park has its own train station, making trekking to Leeds city centre a doddle! Hyde Park and Headingley are less than a 5 minute walk away. There are not many student or professional letting agents located in Burley and Burley park, although the Headingley and Hyde Park letting agents do tend to serve these areas. Let Leeds always has a vast array of Leeds student accommodation to let in Burley Park and Burley park. You can check out our property listings on the Let Leeds Student Property Search.


Great for location and proximity to Leeds University. A popular location for students wanting great value for money and those wanting to live close to Leeds City Centre. A bit further from Hyde Park and Headingley for student shops, cafes and bars, however makes up for this massively with the large choice Leeds City Centre offers. A good range of properties for students looking for 4,5 and 6 bed student properties in Woodhouse. There are a range of banks, shops, cafes and fast food outlet as well as local pubs and bars positioned around the University. Student property in Woodhouse goes fast so ensure you look early for the best property. The best deals to be had for students wanting property in Woodhouse are in May and June. There are a number of student letting agents with property to let in Woodhouse, Let Leeds serves Leeds and Woodhouse and will have a selection of property available for professionals and students. Check out our property listings on the Let Leeds Student Property Search.

Student Price Ranges In Leeds

Expect to pay between £55 and £65 per person per week for 4 and 5 bed property in Burley and Burley Park, for larger properties with big bedrooms you may be paying a little more, or for those sharing smaller 2 and 3 bed properties. For All Inclusive Rental, expect to pay £65 to £80 per person per week.

For property in Hyde Park, expect to pay a little more at between £65 and £75 per person per week for the best 4,5,6 and 7 bed student houses in Hyde Park. For smaller properties of 2 and 3 beds this would usually be around £65 to £70 per person per week. Add approximately £10 per person per week for Gas/Elec and water, or £15 per person per week for the whole shaboodle!

Headingley property commands a larger rental amount of between £65 and £72 per person per week for 3,4,5 and 6 bed properties. For the best properties and location, you may pay a little more. Smaller properties such as 2 and 3 bedroom Headingley houses may be slightly more. For All Inclusive Rental, expect to pay £75 to £85 per person per week.

Student property in Woodhouse tends to be slightly less expensive at around £60 to £69 per person per week for 4,5 and 6 bed properties. For All Inclusive Rental, expect to pay £70 to £80 per person per week.

Typical Student Rooms And Student Furniture

A typical student room will have a:

  • Double Bed and Mattress
  • Chest of drawers
  • Work Desk and Chair
  • Wardrobe or clothes storage
  • Window with blind or curtains

You should provide your own bedding and anything else you want to add to your room.

Student Group Sizes And Group Types

Typically, students will get into groups of 3,4,5,6 or 7 people. These groups are all female, male or mixed. More mature students and young professionals prefer living in smaller groups of 2,3 or 4 and will suit property in Burley, Burley Park and Headingley. Younger students prefer active larger groups from their course, university halls or sports teams and often get into large groups of 4,5,6 or 7 people. Mixed groups work well. All male or all female groups work better in smaller groups.

Student Properties With Bills

At Let Leeds we offer ALL our student properties with all-inclusive bills. From £10 to £15 per person per week, which is included in your rent, we pay your gas, electric, water, TV licence, internet and phone bills leaving all the hassle to us! No more squabbling over who's paying what!

Transport Considerations For Students

Buses are the cheapest way to get around and Leeds has fantastic Bus routes throughout the student areas of Woodhouse, Hyde Park, Headingley, Burley and Burley Park.

Leeds Bus Price and Information:
Leeds Bus Routes and Maps:

Trains are the simplest and quickest way to get around and there are stations at Headingley and Burley Park.

Leeds Train Prices and Information
Leeds Train Stations: Leeds City Centre, Headingley, Burley Park.
Leeds Train Information

If you're travelling at night get a cab and book in groups of 3 or 4 to save cash! Ensure you pre-book your taxi!

Leeds Taxi Firms

Amber 0113 231 1366
Geo 0113 255 9999
Premier 0113 288 8855
Ace 0113 230 4499
Royal 0113 230 5000

Student Security Bonds

We take a standard security bond of £250 per student, which is kept in a government back deposit scheme called the DPS, you can read about the DPS at

As long as you don't maliciously break things in the property, and leave your student home nice and clean, you will certainly be getting your bond back!

If you can't be bothered to clean your property at the end of your Tenancy you're more than welcome to arrange a professional clean through us at Let Leeds, just call 0113 320 2000 to book your clean. It will cost £30 per student in the property and will mean there's no delay in getting your bond back, and no messing around cleaning out ovens, fridges or behind the bed at the end of the tenancy!

HMO Properties For Students

A HMO stands for a House in Multiple Occupation and relates to a property where there are 3 or more households in a property. So if you're living in a house with two other mates, you're living in a HMO.

A Licensable HMO is a little different, this is where there are 5 or more household staying at the property, as you can imagine a large proportion of HMO properties in Leeds are catered for students. In a licenced HMO, we are required to ensure the property is in a safe condition, well maintained and meets all the housing regulations such as fire safety.

In a licenced HMO of 5 or more occupants, you will expect to have:

  • Fire door to the kitchen and any other escape route
  • Heat Detector in the Kitchen as well as Smoke Alarms in the Lounge, and smoke alarms on each floor, which are hard wired and interlinked to each other
  • A Thumb turn release on all doors and escape windows to allow you to get out of the house quickly in the event of fire
  • Adequate Heating and Ventilation, Kitchen facilities and storage space
  • At least two toilets
  • Up-to-date Electrical Testing and Gas certificates

All Leeds HMO properties managed by Let Leeds will conform to the above criteria. If you have any further questions about HMO's, your student property or someone else's please call us on 0113 320 2000.

Private Student Landlords In Leeds

There are a number of private landlords in Leeds offering private student property available to rent in Leeds on sites like and

You can normally find a great bargain on these sites and most of the time, private landlords will look after the house and the students living in the house well.

Let Leeds work with a number of good landlords who have a private portfolio of student accommodation to let, and who manage their properties on a full time basis. Large organisations such as also work mostly with Leeds private landlords.

However, there are a small number of rogue landlords out there so please do be careful when dealing with private landlords directly, if you have any concerns please don't hesitate to call us for a chat or some advice 0113 320 2000.

Student Letting Agents in Leeds

There are a number of student letting agents in Leeds:

Student Letting Agents Hyde Park

Let Leeds 0113 320 2000
UK Pads
Rent Inc
Diamond Properties
Avtar Properties

Student Letting Agents Leeds And Woodhouse

Let Leeds 0113 320 2000
Samara Homes
City Red

Student Letting Agents Headingley

Let Leeds 0113 320 2000
Parkland Properties
Express Lets
Bevan and Co
Pickard Properties

Student Letting Agents Burley And Burley Park

Let Leeds 0113 320 2000
WH Brown
David Moor

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